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We support experienced professionals when they are in a transition stage of their careers

Experienced professionals 45+ have honed their their skills over long careers. At WoWT we understand the value of that experience to business, so we are flipping the traditional recruitment model to enable professionals and employers to connect more easily.
Our employment platform is the only one designed specifically for professionals 45+, to showcase their skills and experience directly to employers

We're in the media!

Is the current skills shortage a defining moment that might prompt greater attention to the value of older workers to fill skills gaps and boost Australia’s productivity?  

War on Wasted Talent was invited to join a discussion on ABC Radio National’s Saturday Extra program, about the benefits of increasing the workplace participation of older workers, given their skills and experience, and women wanting to return to work but unable to access affordable childcare. 
You can listen here

War on Wasted Talent was given the opportunity to air issues around older workers and finding employment in this interview with Southern FM. 

It was a great opportunity to talk about what we are doing to support experienced professionals 45+ make career transitions.

You can listen here

Thinking Out Loud

Debunking the myths

Myths about mature-age workers contribute to negative stereotypes that limit their opportunities. Constantly debunking these myths in a range of forums is necessary to encourage employers and younger people to think differently about their older colleagues.

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Pete Bird

Pete Bird’s disheartening experience with the traditional recruitment process led him to recognise the value of his networks.

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