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La Trobe partnership

WoWT partnership receives funding to support reskilling mature-age professionals in cyber security

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WoWT provides practical resources and workshops for experienced professionals 45+

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We empower experienced professionals 45+ to find great work or start a business of their own

Workplace Innovations We Love!

Thrive@55 is a fantastic 8 week paid internship targeted at older workers in the advertising industry. The internship is being offered by Thinkerbell, which describes itself as an agency that brings together scientific enquiry and creative thinking. The agency is concerned about the “massive” underrepresentation of the 55+ age group in the industry. Internships are available across a broad range of skills from account management to design.

Share your innovative ideas with us here to be featured.

Thinking Out Loud

Debunking the myths

Myths about mature-age workers contribute to negative stereotypes that limit their opportunities. Constantly debunking these myths in a range of forums is necessary to encourage employers and younger people to think differently about their older colleagues.

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