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There’s a lot of wasted talent out there. Businesses need highly skilled people who are mature, capable and committed. Professionals with 15+ years of experience need new challenges. They have honed their skills over time and have the kind of know-how that enables them to hit the ground running. Here at The War on Wasted Talent, we re-imagine recruitment by showcasing talent, enabling experienced professionals and businesses to find their perfect match.

We are gathering the input of experienced professionals to help us tailor our new career tools and web content to your needs.
Complete our questionnaire now and we will contact you when we ‘go live’ with our new platform.

The journey begins

We are creating an innovative platform to bring together progressive employers and experienced professionals looking for new opportunities. We are gathering data to build a new platform that will wage War On Wasted Talent. We believe that mainstream recruitment practices don’t meet the needs of experienced professionals like you.

You may be returning to the workforce after a break, entering a new phase of your career, rethinking how you want to work, changing direction or maybe an expat trying to find your footing in the workforce after a number of years away. Help us to help you align your career values and goals with the right opportunity.