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Experience is precious, let's not waste it

Experienced professionals bring deep knowledge and maturity to the workforce. Yet too often they are overlooked in the employment market.

Our purpose is to stop this WASTE.

Upcoming Workshop

Come along on Wednesday 4 March to an interactive workshop and hear Joanna Maxwell, Director, Age Discrimination Team, Australian Human Rights Commission and Author of Rethink your Career in your 40s, 50s and 60s, speaking on “Experienced Professionals and Employers: Negotiating the changing work landscape together”. In addition, a panel of experts will discuss maintaining a career into later life, transitioning into new ways of working including hybrid careers, developing enterprising skills, and the trend amongst mature-age workers to establish their own businesses.

We are inviting experienced professionals, government and businesses large and small, who are truly committed to our anti-ageist agenda to join forces in our War on Wasted Talent.

Join our movement to advocate for change and help make a real social impact.
First, we are starting with:

Then in early 2020 we will launch our innovative recruitment approach founded on the needs and aspirations of our War on Wasted Talent members. It will include:

Support for experienced professionals looking for meaningful work

An exclusive online platform where employers and experienced
professionals can meet
Cost effective recruitment for employers looking to improve diversity and decrease turnover

Join our community of experienced professionals to stop the waste