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Who we Are

Bambi Price

Dr Janine Pickering

Fulvio Inserra

Dr Barbara Cosson

It’s no secret that experienced professionals 45+ often have to stare down ageist stereotypes in the workplace. This offends us. We are a team of 45+ professionals with backgrounds across recruitment, HR, PR, tech and research who came together because we share a passion to revolutionise the workplace.

We understand that many companies are on board with the diversity agenda, but age diversity is often overlooked. One thing we know for sure is everyone is getting older so we need to fix this problem now for current and future generations. Research shows that like gender diversity, companies with age diversity are also more innovative and successful. Companies with a diverse workforce aren’t just better places to work, they work better.

This is why we are waging a war on wasted talent and promoting the great advantages of intergenerational collaboration by trying to draw attention to this issue through our War On Wasted Talent website and through various media and forums where we actively advocate for change. We will also launch our new online recruitment platform in 2020 which will turn recruitment on its head. We will be focused on helping experienced professionals who want to see their skills and experience valued and put to good use, connect with progressive employers. In a world where the average age of a successful start-up founder is 45 and the employment participation for people 55 to 65+ is accelerating, we think it’s time to dump all those old stereotypes about winding down and losing interest.

We are keen to gather support to address this issue. Click here to register your interest and join our movement to tackle the War on Wasted Talent.