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Mainstream recruitment practices of both employers and agencies is not working for experienced professionals over the age of 45 who still have plenty to offer.  We believe the most efficient way to achieve this is to directly connect.

This is not about technology alone (although we have our platform ready to go) but rather working with both parties to ensure it is absolutely clear what business really want and what experienced professionals have.  A CV alone doesn’t cut it nor do job ads for that matter.  We’re changing how this works.


We assist experienced professionals in creating online profiles that stand out to employers who have made a conscious decision to partner with us so they can really deliver on their diversity agendas.  We only invite professionals from all backgrounds with at least 20 years of working experience to join. We assess your profile and apply our “employability” score and then assist you in getting that score up to significantly increase your chances of finding work.

Businesses commit to us by promoting job opportunities aimed at experienced professionals and they will be able to directly connect with experienced professionals.