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Who we are

Bambi Price

Dr Janine Pickering

Dr Barbara Cosson

We are three experienced professionals 45+ who are loud and proud about this stage of life. We have never felt more confident in our skills and experience, more capable of dealing with whatever work (or life) throws at us and we have never had better networks. But whilst we happily spruik the benefits of mature age in the workforce, equally we reject the barriers faced by many of our peers who are looking for work, seeking to change careers or to start a business in the prime of life.

We couldn’t sit idly by … so we started War on Wasted Talent

We formed WoWT to avoid the waste of talent when experienced professionals 45+ are overlooked simply because of their age. We are a social enterprise whose aim is to change the conversation around work and ageing, and to advocate for change. We also provide support, resources and training to people in this age group who are looking to try something new, embrace different ways of working, follow their passion or give back to the community. The opportunities are endless!

We needed to do something practical … so we’re building a platform

The second stage of our adventure includes the development of an on-line employment platform that does away with the endless search on job sites, overblown resumes and the need for employers to trawl through mountains of applications.

Put simply, we want to make it easier for mature age professionals and employers to connect. In times of rapid technological development and high turnover, we understand that businesses often struggle to find people with the talent, maturity and staying power to see the job through. Our platform will not only empower mature workers to present themselves to employers directly through succinct and thoughtful online profiles, it will also make it easier for businesses to find them.

We practice what we preach …

With diverse backgrounds across recruitment, HR, PR, tech, business consulting and research, we have come together because we share a passion for dynamic, innovative and age-inclusive workplaces. Every day we learn something new from our age-diverse colleagues who are helping us to build and grow WoWT. We love our work and we won’t be retiring any time soon.

We’re keen to gather support for this initiative. Click here to register your interest and join the War on Wasted Talent