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Our Advocacy

Work is changing. Technological change is rapid, turnover is high, jobs are quickly outdated, and organisations are in a perpetual state of recruitment. More than ever before, we need to draw on all available talent. WoWT advocates for innovative workplace practices, flexibility and work-life balance. We challenge stereotypes about mature aged workers and promote the benefits of an intergenerational workforce.

Workplace Innovations We Love!

New Zealand businessman, Andrew Barnes, lifted productivity in his business by reducing his employees’ workday week to four days while maintaining their normal five day pay. His business saw a six per cent increase in productivity and 12.5 percent increase in profitability when he permanently introduced the policy.  A four-day week has been shown to increase engagement and commitment to the business and life satisfaction, reduce stress levels and help attract the right talent. 

Thrive@55 is a fantastic 8 week paid internship targeted at older workers in the advertising industry.  The internship is being offered by Thinkerbell, which describes itself as an agency that brings together scientific enquiry and creative thinking. The agency is concerned about the “massive” underrepresentation of the 55+ age group in the industry.  Internships are available across a broad range of skills from account management to design.

An incidental innovation that has occurred as a result of the pandemic is working from home.  We don’t love Covid-19 but we do love the fact that it has helped organisations overcome a “significant hurdle” to remote working. Benefits of working from home according to research undertaken by Swinburne University of Technology, include not having to commute, greater flexibility and financial savings due to reduced travel.

Flexible retirements, return stints and retiree ‘pools’ are a win-win for experienced professionals and companies. The big question is – why don’t we see these more of these innovative approaches implemented in the workplace? This HBR article is an oldie but a goodie full of options worth considering!

Speaking Up

Sep 2020

Seniorpreneurs: Senior Entrepreneurship in Australia

Find out why Senior entrepreneurship, the fastest growing sector of entrepreneurship in Australia, may be one of the most viable and key solutions for our older workforce.
Oct 2019

ABC Melbourne: Why seniorpreneurs are the new force in the digital age!

Myf Warhurst from 774 ABC Melbourne interviewed us on Tuesday, 8th October 2019!

Jan 2018

Your Life Choices: Older Australians are the new entrepreneurs

New research by the Swinburne University of Technology and Queensland University of Technology has revealed that Australians aged 55 to 64 are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the country.

May 2021

Why mature-aged entrepreneurs are more successful than their younger counterparts

Nov 2019

SBS Viva: Starting your own business at 60

There is a common perception that we are less likely to take risks as we get older. Yet, research found that baby-boomers are the fastest growing entrepreneurship cohort anywhere in the world with the trend likely to increase as the population ages.

Sep 2019

Herald Sun: How seniors are shaking start-ups

More Australians are starting a business later in life, according to experts who say over-55s are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the country. Here’s what gives them the edge.