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War on Wasted Talent is running a Victorian government funded initiative to facilitate the growth of 10 businesses in Victoria while providing work opportunities for experienced professionals and recent graduates.

A team of business and technology graduates, supervised by experienced professionals, will work on small projects to develop or design a solution or make recommendations to address your business problem. The project duration is 6- 12 weeks.

The program is free for businesses!

Submission are open until Sunday 30th June. We will contact you once submissions close and arrange a time to discuss your project.
Ten (10) businesses will be selected from these submissions.

Expression of Interest are invited from Businesses for projects which can cover one or more of the following areas:

  • Using digital solutions to enhance your business
  • Develop ideas on how to grow your business
  • Customer market analysis and appraisal
  • Surveys, data collection and analysis
  • Analysis and prototype development
  • Website and social media development
  • Business process analysis, improvement and automation
  • Innovation and creative idea development
  • Analysing and developing plans for your small business’ future development
  • Developing marketing plans to enhance your business
  • Researching and developing plans for International Business

Applicants must satisfy ALL the following criteria to proceed with application:

  • Must have an ABN
  • Operates in Victoria
  • Registered address is in Victoria
  • Fewer than 20 employees
  • Has identified a significant opportunity to be addressed or pain point to be solved.
  • Receptive to new ideas, and approaches.
  • Comfortable interacting with students and/or recent graduates.
  • Can allocate a suitably qualified person for 1-2 hours per week to discuss the project with the project team.

Please fill the application form