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Tackling the issues that confront 45+ experienced professionals looking for work or wanting to start a business


Debunking the myths

Myths about mature-age workers contribute to negative stereotypes that limit their opportunities. Constantly debunking these myths in a range of forums is necessary to encourage employers and younger people to think differently about their older colleagues.

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No turning back the clock on flexibility

New research indicates that it will be all but impossible to turn back the clock on flexible working arrangements. The pandemic has created a preference for a mix of both remote and office-based work. While it will create challenges for employers, it will also open up opportunities to reimagine work.

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Book Reviews

Books we love about work, transitions and life long learning

The 100-Year Life is a book about what happens when many people across the world live to 100. So, if you are under 100, it’s a book about you, and how you can plan your life. But it’s also about the society we live in, with strong messages for Government and HR departments about how they view work and ageing…Read more
Mentor, career and business start up consultant, Joanna Maxwell’s book is well worth the read. For those looking to reinvent themselves and change career, or those looking for work after being made redundant this book gives you the tools to discover, map out and realise your goals as a mature-age worker…Read more


There is plenty of information out there about starting a business if you want to troll through the internet. What we love about this E- book is that it brings all the elements together in one place in quite a unique way. Each chapter is based on an interview with an expert in the field of the issue…Read more


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Together with our partner, Australian Entrepreneurs Alliance, we are running a series of online events. Please invite your friends along to join in these free, informative and fun sessions where we all learn together (yes, us too) about topical things like career change, starting a business, and all things tech