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Be Part of the Solution!

We are launching our innovative employment platform for experienced professionals in early 2020.

In the meantime we are inviting you to join our War on Wasted Talent, a movement focused on addressing ageism in employment and promoting an inclusive inter-generational workforce. We are forming a strong and vocal collective to gather evidence about experienced professionals’ successes and frustrations in finding rewarding work, a better understanding of what progressive minded employers are looking for, and ideas that will help us revolutionise the recruitment experience for 45+ professionals.

We will be lobbying federal and state governments and employers to ensure they proactively engage experienced professionals. We have already secured a number of employers with a real hunger for diversity.

Experienced Professionals

Help build the momentum by joining our community of like-minded professionals driving a better recruitment experience for over 45s. It’s time for authenticity and understanding of what you really want in your next career phase.


Show that you value maturity and experience and a truly age-diverse workforce. Build your profile as an inclusive and proactive employer of experienced professionals and help us build a better way of recruiting them.