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La Trobe University

We are proud to be an industry partner in a La Trobe University initiated project that aims to lift Australia’s cyber security capability. The project has received $2.35 million in funding from the federal government.

We believe the project offers great potential for mature professionals 45+ thinking about a career change to upskill or reskill and transition into exciting new careers.

We are particularly keen to support training to enable career transitions for mature women professionals into cyber security, not only to increase their representation in the IT sector but to give them access to high quality work of the future.

Cyber security is among the fastest growing sectors in Australia and there is increasing demand for skilled professionals in this space. This industry partnership, which also includes Cisco, Quantum Victoria, Wiley, Optus, GHD and Practera, will focus on increasing the quality and quantity of cyber security professionals and creating a new pipeline for the future.

We believe insights gained from working with La Trobe University on designing specialist training will help us deliver a more targeted and effective service for our members. It will also inform our advocacy through a better understanding of the barriers, opportunities and effective strategies specific to mature-age career transitions.

Congratulations to La Trobe on this initiative and we’re looking forward to working with all partners to make a real difference in this space.

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