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Mentoring Program

The WoWT Mentoring Program supports members looking to start or scale a new business. It offers two free mentoring sessions and participants can then negotiate an ongoing relationship directly with their mentor if they want to continue. 

The program is curated by Master Mentor, Dave Wells. Dave has launched seven businesses over a 43-year span and is a trained business advisor with considerable experience as a strategy planner and business analyst. 

If you apply to the program, you will be contacted by Dave who will assess your needs before matching you to right mentor. See our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about mentoring. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A mentor shares their knowledge and experience by providing you with advice, counselling, network contacts and general know how along with personal support and encouragement
  • A mentor is matched to a mentee according to their experience and Industry connection
  • Mentoring will only produce results if you are prepared to demonstrate a commitment to the business by attending scheduled meetings, accepting advice and a preparedness to be respectfully challenged.
  • Our business mentors are experienced, successful business people who know what it feels like to be in business.
  • Our mentors come from a wide range of industry backgrounds and understand business. All our mentors are passionate, committed individuals who want to see their communities prosper and grow.
  • Our business mentors volunteer their time to work alongside you, the client, and participate in the mentoring relationship by:
    • Sharing their knowledge and expertise with you
    • Acting as a sounding board
    • Working with you to grow your business
    • Seeing ‘the bigger picture’
    • Assisting you to identify desired outcomes, opportunities and risks.
    • Supporting you in your decision making
  • All our mentors are vetted and reference checked before being accepted into the mentoring programme. Our mentors are required to meet and comply with the standards of our Mentoring Code of Conduct.

Mentoring is relationship orientated
Mentoring involves primarily listening to you with empathy, sharing experiences (usually mutually), developing insight through reflection, being a sounding board and offering general support and encouragement.

  • The relationship may last for extended periods
  • Meetings are informal and take place only when you the mentee seeks advice, guidance or support
  • The experienced mentor can pass on knowledge and provide industry specific introductions through their networks to further benefit you.
  • Mentoring revolves more around identifying the issues, suggesting courses of possible action and sharing general business knowledge that may address your issues.

Coaching is structured and task focused.
Coaching is primarily around asking the relevant and probing questions that will aid you the ‘coachee’ to learn and develop the capacity to address problems and develop strategic & analytic skills to solve future issues arising in your business. A coach’s role is to assist you in defining the tasks that will resolve the issues and then hold you accountable to action those tasks.

  • Relationship has a set duration and is focused on specific areas and issues (usually identified and raised through mentoring)
  • More structured format, meetings scheduled on regular basis and coach driven
  • Specific goals are clearly defined in advance and the accomplishment of those goals tracked and measured.
  • Requires you the ‘coachee’ to commit to accepting direction and actioning the agreed tasks.

Advisors are professionally accredited in their field.

  • Give directions based on law and regulations
  • Are categorised as lawyers, accountants, licensed financial advisors, tax officers and ASIC advisors etc

If you need a coach or an advisor, your mentor or the WoWT WORK team maybe to able to assist you to find the appropriate help.

  • Answer your questions and provide advice
    • Provide a different perspective on the issues facing you
    • Help you improve and develop your skillset.
    • Be a trusted sounding board in which to share frustrations and concerns
    • Assist in the development of strategies and processes
    • Will introduce you to a wider world of networks and Industry contacts
    • Provide clarity and focus to your situation.
    • Provide a clearer understanding of your overheads and costing structure.
    • Provide a better understanding of sustainable business models
    • Provide better understanding of workforce planning, people management and planning for the future.
    • Improved business strategies and business model
    • Improved productivity
    • Improved profitability
    • Improved processes and procedures
    • Increased networks or industry exposure
  • Your mentor is matched to meet your individual needs based on their experience and expertise and where possible, experience and knowledge of your industry in general.
  • You are encouraged to request a change of mentor should the allotted one not suit, alternatively your mentor may wish to refer you on to another mentor at certain points where they feel another mentor is better qualified or connected
  • The Mentor Program will provide the first 2 mentor sessions for free
  • Additional sessions may be charged on a fee for service basis as per negotiation with the mentor
  • The frequency and format of your meetings will be discussed and agreed upon between you and your mentor at the first meeting
  • Meeting schedules may vary and can be changed by mutual consent to suit changing situations
  • Meetings can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your needs
  • Challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone
  • Create an environment that is safe and to raise your awareness of risks
  • Assist in identifying and supporting any training requirements and skills development
  • Share relevant knowledge and life experiences
  • Provide practical guidance and advice
  • To listen
  • Inspire and offer encouragement
  • To be genuinely interested in questions and concerns to support you and your business
  • Be open and honest
  • Assist you in gaining clarity and focus with your business
  • Assist and guide you in goal setting
  • To facilitate the transfer of knowledge and information through the experience of practical guided tasks and access to their networks
  • Must own and take responsibility for the mentoring relationship by;
    • Attending scheduled meetings and follow ups
    • Be open and honest in your objectives and answers to the mentors questions
    • Not expecting the mentor to tell you what to do or do the tasks for you
  • Be proactive to suggestions and advice in the mentoring relationship
  • Be prepared to take constructive feed back

WoWT Mentoring Program Registration