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Welcome to our podcasts where we focus on mature-age workers experiences of making a career transition.
In these podcasts we are interested in the challenges that people face but also their successes to provide insight to those who maybe thinking of doing something similar.

Pete Bird

Pete Bird’s disheartening experience with the traditional recruitment process led him to recognise the value of his networks.

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Jo Starr

Jo Starr successfully negotiated an internship as a mature-age professional with a tech marketing company in order to grow her social media skills.

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David Pederick

David’s experience of ageism in the workplace did not derail his career.  Instead, he avoided the traditional recruitment process in favour of using his skills and networks to successfully move

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Heather McDowell

Heather McDowell made a successful transition from nursing into conference organising. However, the transition was not without its challenges, most notably the impact of Covid-19 on her business.

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Anne Allison

Anne Allison has had more than her fair share of career transitions.  All of them were instrumental in helping her develop the transferable skills necessary for her latest transition.

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