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The COVID-19 pandemic is having significant emotional and financial effects on older workers that may have long-term consequences on their ability to find work or remain in a job.
As the workplace dramatically changes through automation and advanced digital technologies more specialized skills will be required creating jobs for some and leaving others behind. But is there an answer to creating more jobs for all that is right under our noses?
Researchers suggest that we must prepare for the 100 year life and therefore a much longer working life. Traditionally we think about life as education, work, and retirement but this will evolve into the multi-stage life. If people are to have 50 year careers we must rethink the linear career to incorporate periods where we pursue other passions, give back to the community or reskill.
With COVID-19 leaving many of us with more time on our hands, maybe we could use that time creatively rethinking our careers and where we might like to head into the future, whether its a complete reinvention or a new business.



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