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SeniorPreneurs has joined the War on Wasted Talent

Many mature Australians have the knowledge skills, financial resources and time to invest in new ventures and are keen to continue to make an important contribution to the economy. Since its launch in 2014, SeniorPreneurs has empowered 45+ professionals to follow their dream of starting their own business.

In Australia the rate of entrepreneurship for the 55-64 age group is 8 percent and is the fastest growing segment in the country. As the world of work changes and becomes more automated, it is critical people of all ages are able to negotiate this fast-changing environment. SeniorPreneurs is playing a key role in ensuring that mature age Australians with the drive to establish new businesses have the skills to keep pace with that change.

SeniorPreneurs has run over 100 workshops to build business knowledge and skills. We have provided mentoring and coaching to enable experienced Australians identify new career directions with increased confidence and the digital skills fundamental to success in the contemporary workforce.

Sometimes budding SeniorPreneurs come to the realisation that what they really want is to find new and exciting work that does not necessarily involve starting their own business. But often they face age discrimination and other barriers in finding that work. This has led us to launch the War on Wasted Talent.

We are inviting SeniorPreneurs to join our community, to build a trusted network of like-minded people. Enjoy access to online resources including regular meetups and workshops. Check out our Training and Resources page for blogs and recent research and our E-News.